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Post  KnighT on Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:52 am

I sent this email to the editors of the Playstation Magazine, I hope they respond and i f they want an article from us, the I hope we have people in the forum that would help making an article with me.

Below you have the text of the email I sent to Playstation Magazine.

Is it possible to post an article about a playstation game in the playstation magazine?

We are a group of people that are reviving Hardware Online Arena to PS2, until now with success, it’s an old game that is 8 years old.
Because of the success it had in the past with more than 200 online players at any given time, it is still a precious game for many players and old players keep on returning back, only few games has survived that long online.
We are now rebuilding the old community of players and mixing it with the increase of new players, we have made a HOA forum for the community that after 3 month has more than 400 posts and new members are being added all the time.
The HOA Forum began in June 2010.
We have a youtube site that is tutorial in nature and showing exciting and funny clips of the game, the site has in 4 months had more than 5000 channel views and have a rate of 1000 channel views every 3rd week.
The youtube channel was started in May 2010.
We have began structuring and organizing the online gaming with tournaments, old school nights and soon to come a game night.
Our purpose of having an article in playstation magazine is to tell about a game that won’t die, about a great success playstation had with Hardware Online Arena and how even how many death strokes has been delivered to the game, it just won’t die, that some games just can’t die, it’s too good and have too many players that love the game, that some games survives time because of the hit it has and still is.
We are a community that will make the article,.
What do you say, is it possible to talk about an old game, an old success story and one of the first games to PS2 that was a part of making online gaming popular and how it has survived through time?

The HOA community

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