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This article will be edited, proof read, gramma checked and finalized when enough text is added...

HOA Info

It all began in November 7, 2002, Hardware Online Arena (HOA) was born, it was perharps the first network online game available for playstation 2, it was later included into the network access disc.
In 2005 HOA was one of the most popular online games and easily had 200 players online playing.
GamesMaster Magazine said the game was "A great indicator of the shape of things to come for PS2 online".
HOA features games with up to 16 players and the game modes in the games are Deathmatch (The most played game mode in the game), Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Team King of the Hill.

Why HOA is a fun game

A great game to have some fun in. The game is for those who enjoy much action and also for those who enjoy the calmer games

Why the game has survived

Why the game have survived? It's an really easy question. The games you play on hoa is never another one alike.
Hardware Online Arena creates some kind of addiction. The game itself are too good to die. It's the perfect balance between war and to just hanging-out. Some of the old school players have even created some own made game modes for some extra fun. Those are football, hog derby, donkey and keep the hangar. It's really fun games when you got the hang of it

The HOA community

Currently the games is on it's way to resurrection but the game itself will never die. Every last Sunday every month there is something called "Old School Players Night". On OSPN players from over the whole world comes and and have a good time together.
The players on the game is friendly and always up for some action. We even have some players who helps the newer players to become as good as the average

The future of the game

Our hopes for the future is that the game creators read this and make a 2nd game (Hardware Online Arena 2) and to get more newer and some of the old players to play this wonderful game. We have played over 6 years and still thinks it's the best game ever created. Some of the older players have played this game for 8 years, and they still thinks the game is better then all other games in the market.

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