Could promotion of HOA Make Playstation make HOA 2

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Could promotion of HOA Make Playstation make HOA 2

Post  KnighT on Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:35 pm

Could promotion of HOA Make Playstation make HOA 2?

I think at the present moment playstation do not know the community of players that like HOA, if we could make ourselves known, if we could make them aware of how this great game was and still is, if we could posts some articles and make HOA visble again for playstation and game creators, could it then cause them to rethink to make HOA 2?
One thing is sure, the larger community we build in this forum and the more online players we can get to play HOA, the greater the possibility of a HOA 2 game.
Just imagine there are so many cheap and crappy games out on the market, why not a HOA 2 soon?
Perhaps if a HOA 2 would be made, it could be nice if they talked with a community of HOA players first, on how a HOA 2 game should be like, maybe we could come into consideration?

Let me hear your oppinions!

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Re: Could promotion of HOA Make Playstation make HOA 2

Post  Asmotech on Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:46 pm

Seems like an interesting and a thinked-through idea. In hoa 2 it were going to be 2 more vehicles that you could choose between of what I remember. In hoa 2 you could choose between: Jeeps, Tanks, Motorbikes and Helicopters. It would also feature very good graphic and destroyable houses! It would even feature games like 50v50 and a clan-function with clan tags and such. Even 8 new game modes which I think will be really fun to play at!

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