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Post  Asmotech on Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:40 am

Hoa Underground Racing League
2 or more participants.
1 Judge
Map: Area 51, Ruins or Mayan.

The participants line up, and they race around the map.
On ruins you start at the ruined pyramid and drive around the ruins and back. Laps are decided before you start.
On Area you start at the crashed ufo and drive to the other side. First player to crash into the wall, wins.
On mayan city you just drive around the pyramid. You start at the temple and drive around. 3 laps is the best Wink The judge just sit on the pyramid and watch so that none cheats or taking shortcuts.

This idea was tested by me and my brother and it worked out good. He drove faster every time.
Just one notice, don't kill each other. It can ruin the whole race.
We could maybe have a Hoa Underground Racing League Championship if many likes this idea. Smile

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