Quarry Guidelines

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Quarry Guidelines

Post  KnighT on Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:26 am

The Strong Place

The strong place in Quarry is to be above the player all the time at the roads above, because it's easy to jump kill in quarry, but it also has it's weakness because of touching the floor, those beneath can just shoot at the floor near the player and he dies.

The strong place in Quarry is above and camping around especially the light missiles, but it to have it's weakness because of the bombs shot to the house and rail gun near the light missiles.

The strong place in Quarry is within the 2 "houses" where the rail guns are, can take many players with rail from there,
but it to have it's weakness because of bombs can be shot in the "house" and kill you.

The Best Weapons

The 3 best weapons to use in Quarry are: Rails, heavies and bombs
"Rails" - Because it's easy to kill with rails in Quarry because of so many walls and floors.
"Heavies" - It's hard to get shield in Quarry and is usually gone fast because of jumping and falling, so 1 shot with missiles is usually enough.
"Bombs" - It's a good weapon in Quarry because it too as rail kills those that touches walls and floors, good against jumpers and campers

The Best Car

The best car is a small car and a fast car, either: Scarab, Nomad or Wraith
"small car" - so you don't touch to many walls.
"fast car" - so you quickly can seek cover.

The Best Killing Route

To drive from rail to rail might be the best "killing route" to take, even though I think there is no such route in Quarry when many players are playing.

What to Watch for

Always watch in the 3 direction where the rails are, they will sniper you fast.

What to be Aware about

Try not to stay in the "open" more than few seconds at the time, drive around but seek cover all the time.

Try not to touch the walls and if you drive up the ramps do it fast.

Always look up, you can be jump killed fast.


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