The tournament has begun

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The tournament has begun Empty The tournament has begun

Post  Asmotech on Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:47 pm

We need 20 willing players for this tournament.
5 players have already started.

Unholy :saint: Vs o DraGoNSlaYeR (Unholy :saint: won)

Sniffle Vs Andosan (Sniffle won. Andosan left.)

Silver R ScarZ Vs Silver R :saint: (24-15 in kills. 1-1 wins. Drawn!)

Keep playing, this list will be edited with time.
Next battle is o DraGoNSlaYeR Vs Silver R ScarZ.
Message Knight, SlaYeR or ScarZ. We are the judges of the tournament. We watch so that no one cheating while playing.

We accept different ideas on how the tournament should be performed!
Count wins maybe? Then ScarZ, Sniffle and :saint: is on top. ^^

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