Year 2011 - Goals and Wishes

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Year 2011 - Goals and Wishes Empty Year 2011 - Goals and Wishes

Post  Asmotech on Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:27 am

What you wish for next year?

My greatest wishes:
1. To have more coca cola supplies for HOA gaming. :bounce:
2. To learn and play all the fun games in HOA. Such as Hold the Hangar and Last Man Standing (Dunno if LMS is a created game in Hoa, but I will come up with something if it doesn't exist yet Wink.)
3. To teach beginners a few tricks and how to get better. I actually love helping the beginners become better Very Happy.
4. To find more glitches in the game. Year 2010 I found 2 completely new laser glitches which I've only showed to a few players.
5. Too get good enough with rail to never miss ^^. (Nearly impossible with all the lagg in the game, but it's a challenge.)

My goals of year 2010 was:

1. Win 8v1 battle on any map. (We were never 9 players though, and none wanted a hide-and-search game : P.)
2. Get 20.000 King of the hill points. (I'm currently at 22.100 king of the hill points.)
3. Get 500 in Kill Streak or more. (Im currently at 720 in kill streak. Took like 3½ hours to get.)
4. Become a Strong Player. (Achieved.)

What is your goals and wishes? Very Happy Feel free to share Wink

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