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EMP Glitch Empty EMP Glitch

Post  KnighT on Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:11 pm

EMP Glitch...

This glitch is not easy to made in battle but can be done.

It's the EMP that cause the player not to fire.

How it works
You shoot at a player with an EMP, on the shooter's screen he has the white sparkle, but on the other players screen (the one that got hit with the EMP) has no white sparkles, meaning he do not know he got hit with an EMP.
He can shoot all his missiles on the shooter of the EMP and he wont die, beacuse the shooter of the missiles is hit with an EMP, he can't see any evidence.

How to do it
Target the player, move the turret fast toward and away from player and shoot the EMP weapon, it's that easy.

In this video it was done on me, it starts at 2:37

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