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Fake DraGonKnighT

Post  KnighT on Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:36 pm

Fake DraGonKnighT...

Be aware there is a fake DraGonKnighT in HOA.

He uses word like wtf and lmao, that real DraGonKnighT do not use.

Real DraGonKnighT stats have thousands of kills, fake DraGonKnighT less than a thousand.

I think it's Fun leader because of the way founder and Fake DraGonKnighT play and talk together, they also like being in same team all the time.

I had to see if he was worthy bearing the name, so I played against him in a 1v1 battle, when we were more than half way into the battle Tic Letame entered the game and killed me, for me that was the end of the 1v1 battle.
I left the game then because of Tic Letame, I won 5-1 in quarry, meaning that in a 1v1 battle Fake DraGonKnighT is not worthy bearing my name. Crying or Very sad

If Fake DraGonKnighT is FuN leader then I beat FuN leader 5-1 in Quarry. :bball:
I also beat FuN Founder 6-2 in Area 51. :bball:

Those poor wannabe's and copycats, Embarassed I hope they could soon be real players that have their own identity and clan. Razz


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Re: Fake DraGonKnighT

Post  Asmotech on Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:43 pm

They should get a girlfriend or something and make a success of their poor lives instead of wasting their time here, fooling around.
We could maybe get a friendly community without them, we had it before them and if they quit I'm sure we can turn Hoa to a friendly game again. Wink
So far it's only leader, founder and ttmen that makes me go berserk sometimes. : P
ttmen is a good player according to me. If he just stops to pull cable he got my respect. If Founder and Leader stops faking and makes their own clan, then they got my respect.

I hope they read this so they know what some of us want.

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